Second Look – A week in review.

The Armed Protests Outside Brock Turner’s Home Are Dangerously Counterproductive  – Christina Cauterucci of Slate discusses the impact of vigilante protesting.

At the Sacred Stone Camp, A Coalition Joins Forces to Protect the Land – A coalition is forming in North Dakota where a varied group of people are acting as protectors of the land seeking to stop the development of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The protestors prepare to act as resistance in the fight for the community’s right to land and clean water. This topic has garnered both national and international attention as a battle for the survival of Native people.

The Uncomfortable Truth about Children’s Books – Dashka Slater for Mother Jones discusses the complexities of publishing children’s books in a time when diversity is somehow mistaken from exclusion and social media polices publishers.

Ava DuVernay on Directing Queen Sugar, Properly Lighting Actors of Color, and Why She Used to Be More Brave – The Academy Award-nominated director of Selma discusses with the Vulture TV Podcast the stylistic and directorial decisions in her first foray into television with OWN’s Queen Sugar.

Are Cracker, White Trash, & Redneck Racist? – For MTV News Decoded, Franchesca Ramsey discusses the linguistic history, racial context, and classist realities of references for poor white people in America.

Second Look is a weekly content round-up of articles, videos, podcasts, and blog posts highlighting all things race, gender, and/or social justice. Feel free to discuss your thoughts or opinions in the comments below.

Author: gaineskr

3L law student at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. Program Assistant for the Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice and Law Clerk for a Cincinnati based domestic relations attorney.

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